FAQ & How it works


Beach photos are not an instant production. Digital photos will be delivered no later than 10 days (often earlier, but no later) after your photo session . Prints will be posted by day 10 of your photo session. AFTER 21 December: Photos taken after 21 December are not guaranteed to arrive before 25 December. Elves will be on holiday from 24  Dec – 4 January. No photos delivered in those dates.

LOCATION: What beach?

The exact beach and beach entrance for your Santa visit is decided 24 hrs before the photo session after a beach condition check is done. We can not tell you the exact location before this as we need to check all beaches in light of the weather conditions at the time.

All guests receive an email 24 hours before the photo session with full location and meeting point details.

BAD WEATHER: Santa flies in all weather but Santa photo sessions can be postponed due to rain OR high winds. The final decision on if a photo session will proceed is made 30 minutes before the start of each session. We really do wait right until the last minute as after 6 years photographing Santa outside we know that rain clouds can suddenly break allowing a photo session to proceed even on the rainiest of days. Some of our best photos have been created during rain breaks. – SO if the weather is looking dodgy stay flexible and wait for that text message approx ½ hr before the session is due to start. Of course if it is totally torrential we can make the call earlier.

RESCHEDULING: if your session is postponed you can slot into any other session on any other date during the Santa photo season. This includes the very next available – or any other day. You just need to make sure we know what session you choose so we can make sure you are put on the list to receive the location alert for that session. You can reschedule online at any time via square booking. If you are having trouble rescheduling let us know via email.

CONTACTING ELVES: Best way is via email or text or FB Messenger. Those Elves really do get totally swamped in December so please be patient as we work through the thousands of messages we receive.