How it works


1: You select date and fill in booking form. There is a Thank you pop up after you submit.  (There is no email acknowledgement of your booking after the pop up.)

2: Five days before the date of your Santa visit and photo we check the weather forecasts.

3: Invoices are sent out 5 days before the scheduled Santa visit. Invoices are only sent out if the weather forecast is good.

4: You have 48 hrs to settle your invoice – your spot may be given to another person if invoice not completed on time.

5: Once you pay your name will be placed on the schedule at an allocated time – it is up to you to check the schedule (link will be sent to you with the invoice) and make sure you are paid and your name has appeared on it.


6:  We check the beach weather conditions for the best location.

7: Thirty minutes before the scheduled start time we send out email to everyone providing the exact location and beach entrance pathway.

8: If a shoot is cancelled due to poor weather conditions – see the 2019 Terms and Conditions where the postponement policy is clearly explained.


9: Digital packages are emailed to customers no later than the  6th day after the Santa visit- (often earlier – but that is the latest).  Yes, it takes this long as we have so many to process – and working on the sand it is not instant like the shopping centre experience.

10: Print packages will either be delivered directly or posted to you on Day 9 after the Santa visit.

11: Yes extra prints can be purchased after the shoot for $20 per image – as it does involves extra editing time.

12: Everyone LOVES your 2019 Santa on the Beach photo.